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“Some guys may have forgotten we’re in the playoffs”: Rick Tocchet plants his players
Credit: Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images
The series brings out the best in some players and the worst in others.

In the category of those who don’t deliver the goods, we can name several Vancouver Canucks players, who lost last night’s game against the Oilers.

The series is tied 2-2.


And when I say that several Canucks players (including Elias Pettersson) didn’t show up, it’s not just a personal opinion: it’s what Canucks coach Rick Tocchet said.

And it could hardly be clearer.

We need five or six guys to step up. – Rick Tocchet

He then added that he didn’t necessarily know if all the guys knew we were currently in the playoffs, which is an intense quote, we agree.

But sometimes you just have to do what you have to do… and Tocchet is there to do his job. And that’s what he did last night.

In fact, when you look at it, the coaches were the talk of the town yesterday.

That was the case in the Canadian game (arguably, the Oilers pilot made news by not going with Stuart Skinner… which was the right decision), but in the Eastern game, the coaches stole the show too.

Of course, we all saw Jim Montgomery’s “dive” during the game, but let’s not forget that Paul Maurice, in Florida, also raised his voice with his boys.

It’s not always a house custom, but he did it.

His response to all this? He wasn’t necessarily hyper-angry, but he felt his players needed to be shaken up a bit and needed some “swear words” in their lives.

He also added that he doesn’t excel at many things in life, but he’s good at them.

When you look at it, Tocchet indirectly took the focus off Pettersson (who would have been the lead in my first morning text if not for the coach’s comments) and his other players. The same goes for Maurice, who excels at not putting his players in the spotlight for nothing.

Montgomery, on the other hand, knows that his club needed to turn the tide in many ways.

In all three cases, the coaches have taken on the burden of making a public statement. So, for the time being, the players are running away from it in front of the cameras.

It’s up to those who have to stand up to do so. The coaches won’t be able to save the boys forever either…


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