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Stéphane Waite told Price he had to be more serious on game day
Credit: Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Carey Price had some great years in Montreal.

He was one of the NHL’s most dominant goaltenders for a full decade…

And that’s why he’s seen as something of a “legend” by many in town.

But early in his career, things were a little more complicated.

We’ve often heard in the past that he lacked a little maturity… And that the Jaroslav Halak episode made him lose his cool at times.

This can be normal for a younger player.

That said, after Stéphane Waite took over as goalkeeping coach, Price changed. He became calmer in front of the net, and his preparation was better.

This was because Stéphane Waite suggested he be more serious on game days, as reported in a Journal de Montréal article (Renaud Lavoie):

With the Habs, he had also suggested to Carey Price that he show a little more seriousness around the team on game day, and it proved to be the right approach again, as the Habs goalie seriously took his game up a notch as soon as he arrived. – Renaud Lavoie

It’s not just talk because Waite arrived with the Habs in the summer of 2013… And Price was dominant afterwards :

(Credit: HockeyDB)

I said it earlier, but it can take longer to understand for a player making his NHL debut.

It’s easy to get distracted… Especially in a market like Montreal.

But Price did what he had to do.

He listened to Stéphane Waite’s advice, and we’ve seen the results of that.

That’s all that’s important at the end of the day… Even if it can be hard to do.

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