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Martin St-Louis to help Kent Hughes attract quality free agents
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Martin St-Louis doesn’t have much experience behind the bench of an NHL team.

That said, since his arrival in Montreal, one thing has become clear.

The players love him… and they’re willing to work their butts off for him.

It’s easy to like him because St-Louis is a straightforward coach who has been through every level of his playing career.

He can put himself in the shoes of a third- or fourth-line player… And he can put himself in the shoes of a star.

The word is out around the league because players are talking to each other.

And from the point of view that St-Louis is a coach who is close to his players… It forces Renaud Lavoie (BPM Sports) to believe that he will help Kent Hughes attract free agents over the next few years.

The guys want to play for him, after all:

For me, Martin St-Louis is the equivalent of Rod Brind’Amour […] The word is out in the National League.

Martin St-Louis, you want to play for him. – Renaud Lavoie

(Credit: Screenshot, YouTube)

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a comment like this.

It just goes to show how Martin St-Louis does the right thing behind the bench… Even though he doesn’t have a lot of coaching experience.

But St-Louis is a passionate guy who strives to improve every day.

That was the case when he was a player, and it’s still the case now that he’s a coach.

It helps a lot to build a new identity, because leadership, as my colleague Charles-Alexis Brisebois explained earlier this morning, comes from the top.

The Habs took a risk in hiring MSL, and right now, everything points to the organization making the right decision.

Because if Martin St-Louis is able to take his club to the top and attract quality free agents… everyone’s a winner in the end.

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