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Juraj Slafkovsky isn’t just “popular” in Slovakia: he’s a mega-celebrity.
Credit: Photo by Jari Pestelacci/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images
In Montreal, we love Juraj Slafkovsky.

His infectious smile, good humor and charisma make him a popular figure in town, especially after the season he’s just had.

Slaf is famous in Montreal, but in Slovakia, it’s even more intense. Like, really more intense.

Slovak journalist Štefan Bugan shared a text from a Czech journalist… And in the text in question, Darina Vymetalikova admits she’s surprised at how popular Slaf is in her country.

She calls him a “mega” celebrity… Because journalists there adore him and want to talk to him all the time, unlike other players.

She argues that even David Pastrnak isn’t as famous in his home country of the Czech Republic, even though he’s one of the best players on the planet.

That’s saying a lot:

Not even David Pastrnak has such a position in the Czech Republic. Maybe Jagr did. – Darina Vymetalikova

It mustn’t go to his head… But Juraj Slafkovsky doesn’t have a personality like that.

He’s humble and very mature for his age. And that’s a good thing.

Slaf was in action today as Slovakia took on Germany at the World Championship.

The Canadian finished the game with two assists, a +2 rating and six shots on goal in just over 20 minutes of play…

And his love of referees made him the talk of the town once again.

Juraj was given a penalty and let’s just say he wasn’t happy with the zebra men :

Holy Slaf.

It’s crazy how passionately he plays, honestly. He’ll have to learn to calm down, though, because he won’t be able to fart at referees all the time when he’s angry.

It’s worth noting that his performance earned him the Slovakian Player of the Match award… But he didn’t look too happy about it.

We know he hates to lose, and it shows:

In gusts

– Hum…

– Who will draft him?

– Sounds promising.

– How impressive.

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