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When David Pastrnak asks permission to fight Matthew Tkachuk
Credit: Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images
And there you have it: the second round of the playoffs is well and truly underway.

Now that the Canadian series has taken off(and made news with the Canucks’ comeback against the Oilers last night), everyone in the eight remaining teams has played at least one game in the second round.

Here’s how it looks, visually:


Clearly, the most attention-grabbing aspect of last night’s game was the way it shook out between the Bruins and Panthers. After all, in a game that ends 6-1, that’s not exactly surprising.

There were several moments when the Bruins seemed to be “preparing for the next game”, but there were a few moments in particular that stood out in the third period.

Such as?

When Brad Marchand saw Brandon Montour take a page out of his own book and pretend to lick. After all, the “C” on Marchand’s sweater stands for captain, but it can also mean cr*** tiring.

But the game of the match goes to David Pastrnak and Matthew Tkachuk, who put up a fight. It wasn’t exactly Vincent Lecavalier versus Jarome Iginla in the 2004 Stanley Cup Final, but still.

The guys talked a few minutes beforehand and Pasta asked his coach to send him out to the rink to fight. That’s what happened, and that’s how the next scene unfolded… much to Keith Tkachuk’s delight.

As you can see, Pastrnak isn’t as natural as Tkachuk. The latter isn’t a matamore, but bickering is definitely in his blood, let’s face it. #BradyContreMatthew

But in the end, not only did it make for a good show (you can be for or against fighting, but the impact it has on fans is undeniable), but it also undoubtedly whipped up the boys in Boston.

After all, to see that a star like him, who doesn’t have fighting in his blood (his technique wasn’t great, let’s face it), isn’t afraid to fight for his club, gives you gas.

That’s how it works in the NHL – and he knows it.

I’d do anything for the guys. – David Pastrnak

Jim Montgomery – who had asked his star player to stand up after Game #6 against Toronto – was also not happy to see that Tkachuk gave his player one more hit when he was on the floor.

But otherwise, he didn’t seem unhappy to see that Pasta danced with Tkachuk. And when I say dancing, I don’t mean dancing a nice big slow dance…

In a game where there were 12 game misconducts, we wonder how the Bruins will react in Game #3, which takes place tomorrow night in Boston. Who will run away with Game #3?

And more importantly, who will be in front of the Bruins’ net?

Jim Montgomery sent Linus Ullmark out to finish the game, and since he seems keen to change goaltenders as often as possible, expect Ullmark to start the next game.

And Boston’s coach must be happy: this morning’s game wasn’t the story. It was interesting from start to finish, even though we knew the Bruins had no chance of winning in the end.

In gusto

F*** you Boston: Panthers fans are spoiling themselves.

– Leon Draisaitl had cramps yesterday.

– SC Saint-Laurent lost to Toronto yesterday.

– He did well yesterday.

– 78 incorrect games?

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