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Pierre LeBrun: “I think the Devils will be interested in interviewing Sheldon Keefe”.
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The news was confirmed this morning: Sheldon Keefe has lost his job.

He was let go after his club’s first-round elimination by the Bruins…

And that’s not necessarily surprising, because we knew he was in danger of being fired even though he was still under contract with the club for two years.

What’s next for him?

Keefe shared a video earlier today in which we hear him say he wants to take some time off… But that doesn’t mean he won’t be back in the NHL soon.

Pierre LeBrun believes the Devils will be interested in talking to him, at least:

On the other side of the coin, Craig Berube is a name we’ve been hearing a lot lately for the Toronto vacancy…

But Paul Bissonnette posted a tweet saying that it’s the Devils who could finally get their hands on the coach who won the Stanley Cup with the Blues.

If Berube is hired in New Jersey… There are some logical questions we’ll have to ask ourselves.

What would it mean for Mike Sullivan, who coaches the Penguins but has been linked to the Devils lately?

What would it mean for the Leafs? Berube is a logical guy over there, but if he’s no longer available… Could Guy Boucher get his chance?

What would this mean for the Penguins? Will Kyle Dubas want to keep Sullivan in place?

And if Sullivan leaves, could Sheldon Keefe get the job in Pittsburgh?

That’s a lot of questions, we agree.

That said, it really looks like Craig Berube is going to be the game-changer right now.

Because the dominoes could fall pretty quickly after that.

In bursts

– They need to bounce back.

– What would be your choice?

– Really cool!

– Voilà.

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