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Sheldon Keefe wins points with a classy message
Credit: Getty Images
As you are no doubt aware, the Toronto Maple Leafs have opted for a new coach.

Officially, Sheldon Keefe was fired by his bosses to give the players a new voice. In reality, however, it’s easy to imagine that his lack of success in the playoffs has been the undoing of his job.

It’s obvious how much he won games during the season, but once in the playoffs, he always lost in the important moments.

But he’s the first to admit it. Why? Because in a message sent to Maple Leafs fans, the former bench boss of the Toronto club stressed that he takes the blame for the team’s playoff failures.

Not everyone feels it’s his fault first (some blame management or the players), but everyone knows that the coach is the easiest to put down.

And obviously, he knows it too.

After all, he didn’t just post that message on Twitter. Instead, he took the time to film himself talking to fans via a classy message.

I’ve seen comments saying he’s serene because he took his money and left, but it’s clear he chose to act classy in his farewell message to the Maple Leafs community.

He thanked the people who hired him, took the time to talk to the fans and wish the organization a Stanley Cup.

There’s a difference between writing it and saying it on camera. I don’t know if he has an “agenda” behind it (in other words: did he do it to look good), but it doesn’t matter: it honors him.

I often have trouble with official press releases, since they’re not always authentic. But this? This is.

In short

– Speak of the devil: who will replace him?

– Notice to interested parties.

– Good thinking.

– What a great ball player.

– Really?

– Hurricanes’ #1 goalie needs a rest?

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