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Jonathan Marchessault and the last year of his contract: “I’ve been thinking about it all year”.
Credit: Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
As you know, Jonathan Marchessault played the last game of his contract when the Golden Knights were eliminated in the first round.

The Vegas player will be a free agent in two months, and we’ll see how much money he gets. At the moment, his impact on the payroll is five million dollars per season.

Will he stay in Vegas? Nothing is less certain, given that the club is not afraid to say goodbye to its core players.

Whether the Canadiens will sign him, Patrick Roy will go after him or Salt Lake City will be looking to make a big splash is anyone’s guess, but the reality is that he doesn’t know what lies ahead.

He doesn’t look like a player who wants to leave, but as TVA Sports reported, the Quebecer knows he’s good and valuable.

Marchessault mentioned that he’d like to play in a place where he’ll have the chance to win. Does that take the Habs out of the potential “race” since they’re not a big club willing to pay too much for a free agent?

He seemed to have an idea of what he wanted… and that’s probably because, by his own admission, he’s spent all year thinking about his contract situation this season.

It’s nice to see a player say it. After all, most guys are tight-lipped and just say that contract situations will be handled in due time.

But the Quebecer said it loud and clear: he’d thought about it. And considering the fact that it hasn’t stopped him from scoring 42 goals, the club that signs him can expect him to age like a fine wine.

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