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Maple Leafs: Toronto host wants to fire and trade everyone
Credit: Photo by Sonia Recchia/WireImage

It’s no secret that the pressure from the Toronto market is very high. Expectations are high and the Maple Leafs, in particular, are unable to meet them.

After yet another playoff failure, Breakfast Television host Sid Seixeiro lashed out at the entire organization, calling for several dismissals in the process.

He cited the example of the Toronto Raptors, who had made a big deal to go from a good team to a great one.

If it were in his hands, he’d keep general manager Brad Treliving, but president Brendan Shanahan, coach Sheldon Keefe and his coaching staff, Mitch Marner and John Tavares would jump ship.

He went further, mentioning that if Marner and Tavares did not wish to waive their no-movement clauses, he would send them to the press gallery.

You should know that before Seixeiro was at the helm of this show, he had a daily show on Sportsnet with Tim Mecallef. It was the equivalent of 5 à 7 or JiC, a program featuring debates on various sports.

The host is known for his strong opinions, and this isn’t the first time he’s spoken openly about the Leafs’ problems. But he’s taken it to another level by calling for these dismissals.

It’s often said that the pressure is on in Montreal, but I never thought I’d see JiC or Yannick Bouchard openly calling for Martin St-Louis to be fired.

Rightly or wrongly, they’re pretty heavy-handed.

“If you’re responsible for the power play, bye, if you rolled a video, bye” – Sid Seixeiro

Does Toronto need to change? Absolutely. Does everything have to go up in flames? Not necessarily. We need to make smart moves.

Shanahan and Keefe, absolutely. Tavares and Marner will be more complicated. It would be surprising if both of them lifted their non-movement clauses, and sending them out to eat popcorn just isn’t realistic.

The general manager, whoever it may be, will have to maximize Marner’s value and find a good defenceman to help balance out his team.

But then, like Seixeiro, I don’t expect much.

– Everyone else is.

– What a career!

– The application of innovative rules.

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