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“Teams arrange for Leafs to fight themselves,” says Sheldon Keefe
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And now it’s official with last night’s result, as once again, the Toronto Maple Leafs slip up and lose in the first round of the playoffs in a Game 7 to the Boston Bruins.

Honestly, is anyone surprised by this turn of events?

It really seems that, once again, the Leafs have chosen the worst way to make their fans suffer, giving them hope by forcing an ultimate game, only to end up with the same result as if they’d lost Game 5.

In the end, the Leafs still end up playing golf on vacation, even though they will have given their fans two more games to watch.

Once again, the Leafs have taken the worst possible route to make their fans suffer, with a result once again identical to any other year.

I’d like to point out once again that therereally were people who believed strongly in the Leafs and saw them beating Boston, when clearly, there’s a trend that’s not about to stop.

This is the seventh time in eight years that the Leafs have been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

This group is truly cursed, I must say, and it’s enough to make Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe (yes, he’s still head coach) lose his mind.

Last night, after the game, in what was probably one of his last meetings with the media, Keefe had a very special and complex quote.

Here it is.

“Teams that play the Leafs arrange for the Leafs to beat themselves.” – Sheldon Keefe

That’s a pretty incredible quote from Keefe, and honestly, it can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

However, from what I understand, Keefe is explaining here that the Leafs’ opponents simply need to play decent hockey and wait for the Leafs’ internal implosion, which will allow them to prevail.

The Leafs’ head coach (for how much longer?) is therefore in a way referring to the fact that the Leafs always end up choking and being cursed.

You’ll also notice that Keefe doesn’t refer to the Leafs as “we”.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence, or maybe Keefe already knows that this is the end for him at the helm of this team.

And frankly, it probably is.

I don’t see how Keefe can return to the job next season after all this, even though he technically has a new two-year contract starting next season.

It absolutely takes change in Toronto, and that starts with the coach.

In short, he’ll be a very interesting player to watch this summer in Toronto.

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