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Cayden Lindstrom: “I could see myself playing with Slafkovsky”.
Credit: Photo by Jonathan Kozub/Getty Images
Juraj Slafkovsky was selected with the first overall pick in the 2022 draft.

Just before the draft, we remember that Slaf said he was volunteering to play on the left of Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield because the Habs were looking for a guy to complete the first line…

And it finally happened this season. The guys have had success together and we’ve noticed how good the chemistry is between the three guys.

We’re just under two months away from the next NHL draft, and recent comments from Cayden Lindstrom, a guy who’s popular with Habs management, sound a lot like Slaf.

The big forward told Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports) that he could see himself playing with Slaf, a duo with dominant potential because we’re talking about two big men on the ice:

I could see myself playing with Slafkovsky […] Slafkovsky is a big guy like me, so let’s just say we could give each other a lot of space on the ice! – Cayden Lindstrom

At 6’3′ and 210 pounds, Cayden Lindstrom already has the frame to play in the NHL and hold his own against older players.

Plus, he should continue to bulk up… Because he’s only 18.

The lottery is in two days (Tuesday, May 7), and that’s when we’ll have a better idea of what’s in store for the Habs at the draft.

On the other hand, if it stays intact and management talks at #5, the pick is virtually impossible to predict right now because there are going to be some good forwards still available. #DefendersCrowd

The Habs will have to make a decision, but we know that Kent Hughes wants to grow his club. Lindstrom fits into that vision… As does Beckett Sennecke, who seems to be gaining a lot of points lately.

It makes you look forward to the draft even more, because the Canadiens will have the opportunity to get their hands on a player they really like.

It remains to be seen whether it will be Lindstorm, Sennecke, Catton or Iginla… Unless management changes its mind and decides to select a defenseman with its first pick.

In gusts

– He’s going to be strong.

– In his team’s defeat, Cole Eiserman broke Cole Caufield’s record for most goals scored with the American development program.

– Sad news.

– Eh boy.

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