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Elliotte Friedman: Marc Bergevin set to succeed Rob Blake
Credit: This man was still the Habs' GM when Gallagher scored his most recent goal.
The Kings are on vacation after only one round for the third year in a row. The Oilers have beaten them at every opportunity, and major changes could be on the way.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman weighed in on the subject in his 32 Thoughts podcast, and talked about Marc Bergevin as the team’s possible next general manager.

The latter has been put in place to succeed current general manager Rob Blake, according to Friedman.

The analyst wonders if plans have changed, but his initial comments remain.

With the team’s last three seasons, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Blake leave, but maybe a little more in Los Angeles.

He mentioned that the Kings’ owners are very patient, especially when it comes to the team’s general manager.

Blake’s two predecessors were there for 11 and 9 years respectively.

Blake has been there for 7 years, but the last three have been pretty tough for the organization and he’s a competitor.

Will he want to stay if he’s not forced out? These are the questions Friedman is asking.

One thing is certain: Marc Bergevin has a chance of becoming an NHL general manager again. He wasn’t perfect in Montreal, but he wasn’t disastrous either.

He’s certainly learned lessons and could help set up the next wave of Kings. The current line-up isn’t capable of performing well enough in the playoffs, and changes will have to be made.

If anyone is familiar with this kind of period in a team’s cycle, it’s him.

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