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Jets logical candidates for Kent Hughes in summer deal
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This summer, we can expect some changes at the Habs.

Kent Hughes has made no secret of the fact: he wants to bring in an offensive player, and that’s just as well, because he has the elements to make a move.

After all, we know how congested the Montreal blue line is…

The Habs’ GM should be able to use one or two defensemen to get his hands on a forward who can help the team in the long term.

The Montreal club also has several draft picks in its bank, which should also help Kent Hughes negotiate.

Of course, one wonders which player the GM might target. But instead of thinking about a specific player… we can also think about a club that might make sense in terms of a deal, and Mathias Brunet talked about the Jets yesterday in his column on BPM Sports .

Kent Hughes made Kevin Cheveldayoff happy with the Sean Monahan deal… And it created a bond between the two GMs :

That’s how it works in the National League: you have to create bonds with the other general managers. – Mathias Brunet

Careful here.

Mathias Brunet isn’t saying that the Jets and Habs will automatically dance together this summer because of the Monahan deal. But the importance of a connection between two GMs is important.

A certain chemistry has developed, and the Jets need defensemen because their prospect pool isn’t deep at that position.

Especially since, up front… Winnipeg’s roster has some nice pieces that haven’t yet broken through to the National League:

(Credit: Cap Friendly)

Colby Barlow and Brad Lambert are interesting names.

But there’s also Rutger McGroarty, the club’s first-round pick last year, who is intriguing.

McGroarty, who wore the “C” on his jersey for the U.S. at the last World Junior Championship, created a bit of a surprise when he decided to return to university next year, in Michigan…

And one wonders if the desire to play for the Jets is really there on his side. After all, McGroarty was dominant in the NCAA this season and I find it hard to believe that he still has a lot to learn at the university level.

Could he do what Cutter Gauthier did and demand a trade?

The bottom line is that the Jets have elements to help the Habs, and the Habs have elements to help the Jets.

And with Cheveldayoff and Hughes having danced together in the past, maybe there really is a connection to be made here.

In gusto

– Claude Julien in Ottawa? He certainly wouldn’t say no.

– Hum…

– He looks great!

– Great news.

– Tomorrow’s game is important.

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