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Ivan Demidov: the Canadiens may go up for him
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On Tuesday, May 7, we’ll find out where the Canadiens will be drafted next month. #Lottery #Draft

Of course, in an ideal world for team executives, the hockey gods would reward the Habs with the chance to draft Macklin Celebrini.

But chances are good that won’t happen. In fact, according to 91.5% of possible scenarios, the Habs will draft between second and seventh.

If the Canadiens were to draft a player other than Celebrini, the club wouldn’t have its first choice on its list. Because yes, I’m assuming Celebrini is number one.

But even so, the club likes its chances of drafting a forward – because no, it won’t be a defenseman – that it likes.

Why do they like him? Because, as Arpon Basu points out in an (excellent and comprehensive) paper on the Flanelle’s off-season, so many defensemen will be drafted early that the Habs, if they do draft between five and seven, are hopeful that several big forwards will be available.

And of the lot, there will undoubtedly be one to his liking.

Among the forwards he likes is Ivan Demidov. We’re talking about an excellent Russian player who is sometimes compared to Matvei Michkov, but that’s not a good comparison.

Demidov is seen as a more complete player and is much less controversial than Michkov. He also has a single-year contract from now on, compared to Michkov’s three seasons from 2023 to 2026.

While the Habs weren’t thrilled with Mishkov last year, they feel differently about Demidov. He would have no hesitation in choosing him if he were available. – Arpon Basu

It’s to be expected that the Habs won’t be able to draft him unless he’s in possession of the auction’s second right-of-way. But according to Basu, the Habs like him so much that they might even consider going up to the draft to select him, if he doesn’t win the lottery.

That’s a big statement.

In fact, if it takes a defenseman from the youth bank to move up a few spots, it would fit in with the goal of the off-season: to use the surplus of defensemen to go after a quality forward.

Yes, things will get moving this summer.

In bursts

– This is early.

– Good for the habs hopeful.

– Magnifique.

– The future won’t be easy.

– Yes.

– Pierre-Luc Dubois continues to be the talk of the town.

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