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“I’m not going to change for anyone”: Cole Eiserman and his attitude…
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Cole Eiserman is one of the top prospects for the upcoming NHL draft in June.

We’re talking about a natural goal scorer with an exceptional shot…

But we’re also talking about a player with defensive shortcomings who’s been in the news for all the wrong reasons because of his attitude.

Anthony Martineau (TVA Sports) chatted to him inan interview, and Eiserman gave some good quotes.

For example?

The kid is confident in his abilities… And even if his style doesn’t please everyone, he doesn’t worry about it.

In fact, he doesn’t want to change the way he does things or the way he thinks:

I know that the team that falls in love with me will do so because of who I really am. I’m still going headlong without thinking about what the detractors might say. I’m not going to change for anyone. – Cole Eiserman

In Anthony Martineau’s text, we also read that Cole Eiserman “likes having the puck and being the one who dictates the rhythm of a game”… But he doesn’t want to denature himself because that’s what has made him successful since the beginning of his career:

I admire confidence… But he shouldn’t let it go to his head.

Because that’s not how things work in the National League.

Cole Eiserman likes to do things his own way, and he really doesn’t seem to care what others think about him.

But you have to wonder if this character trait could hurt him in the NHL, because he’ll have to learn to be coachable.

He’ll have to follow the coaches’ rules, whether he likes it or not… And that’s what worries me right now.

Why does he keep slipping down the experts’ lists, even though he scored 80 goals in 78 games this season with the American development program?

Something just doesn’t add up…

Breaking news

– Right. Will he be in uniform tomorrow?

– Is this related to an NHL team?

– Absolutely.

– It really seems to click, at least.

Cheeeeeese !

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