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François Legault: “We’re going to bring back the Nordiques”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Nordiques fans have been waiting about 1,000 years for an NHL club to return to Quebec City.

I say 1000 years… And even though I know I’m exaggerating, it seems to be the same thing.

It’s a shame.

Éric Girard met with Gary Bettman at the beginning of April and the purpose, obviously, was to remind the commissioner of Quebec City’s interest in having a club.

I wonder if Bettman really listened to him with both ears wide open…

For what it’s worth, Quebec Premier François Legault has also decided to “get involved” in the issue.

As part of JiC’s 1000th broadcast on TVA Sports, François Legault shared a message in which he congratulated him on the success… But in the video, the Premier also says “together, we’ll bring back the Nordiques” :

To hear that from the mouth of the Prime Minister is quite something.

On the other hand…

It’s often said that as long as Gary Bettman is NHL commissioner, we can forget about the scenario because he’s just not interested.

After all, Bettman was asked to comment on a new expansion at the NHL All-Star Weekend…And the commissioner talked about a few cities in the U.S., without ever mentioning Quebec City .

The problem is that the Quebec government is doing everything it can to bring a club back to the province, but it should be done privately.

Bettman wants to negotiate with someone with deep pockets… But that someone isn’t Pierre-Karl Péladeau, because the commissioner wants nothing to do with him.

The following clip from Vincent Cauchon, who appeared on the Stanley25 podcast in recent months, sums it up pretty well:

The Nordiques file will continue to be the talk of the town because people’s interest in Quebec City isn’t going away tomorrow morning.

That said… Right now, there doesn’t seem to be anything super positive in the file.

I’m going to repeat the third sentence of my text, but it’s a shame.

In bursts

– Let’s see?

– David Rittich should be in front of the Kings’ net tonight.

– He’s one of the elite.

– Well done!

– Félix is in 🔥🔥

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