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Players threatened to leave the Kraken if Dave Hakstol wasn’t fired, according to Renaud Lavoie
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A wave of head coach dismissals has hit the NHL over the past year. 17 head coaches have lost their jobs in the past year. The latest being Dave Hakstol, who was fired by the Seattle Kraken.

We told you about this earlier, on Monday morning, when the news was announced by the team, but this time, we understand a little better why Seattle made this decision.

Renaud Lavoie was on TVA Sports’ JiC show on Monday, and revealed that important players in the Kraken’s line-up went to complain to management, who had no choice but to let their coach go.

“There are important players in the team who said, ‘Me, I’m not coming back if he’s here’” – Renaud Lavoie

Lavoie did not name any players who might have been part of the boycott. Expect them to be good players, though, because the threat worked quickly.

Seattle general manager Ron Francis revealed that he did not want to fire Hakstol during the season, and that he made the decision only yesterday.

It’s understandable that Francis probably didn’t want to mess things up for the team, but you really have to wonder if that’s the real reason after what Lavoie reported.

Renaud Lavoie believes that teams are too hard on their coaches, and that they feel forced to make changes as soon as they don’t make the playoffs.

The solution, he believes, is to emulate the NBA.

The NBA has adopted its play-in system for the 2022 playoffs. In a nutshell: instead of letting the top eight teams in each conference automatically qualify for the playoffs, the seventh through tenth-ranked teams in each association play off to see who will take the last two available spots in each association.

Not only would this make for more action, it could also give teams that have had a tougher season a chance to prove they’re capable of winning in the playoffs.

The NHL could benefit from using this system, which already attracts a lot of ratings in basketball.


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