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William Nylander on his absence: “Look, it’s personal”
Credit: Photo by Rich Graessle/NHLI via Getty Images
The situation surrounding William Nylander is strange.

Why is it strange?

Because he’s been able to play in all 82 of his team’s games this season… But we’ve yet to see him in any of the three games of the Leafs vs Bruins series, as he’s absent.

Obviously, he’s a big part of the Toronto team, and that’s why everyone’s trying to find out what’s bothering him.

The media tried to get some answers out of him after the team’s practice today… to no avail.

Instead, the Swede wanted to move on to the next question:

Look, this is personal, so I won’t go into details. Is there anything else you’d like to talk about? – William Nylander

I’m not sure his answer will please the fans in Toronto… Especially since he was all smiles when he spoke to reporters:

The word on the street right now is that Nylander is battling a massive migraine.

In an article published yesterday, Elliotte Friedman said that team doctors were unable to diagnose Nylander’s exact condition after he underwent tests to see if he has a concussion.

Again, it’s all very strange…

The Leafs haven’t hit the wall (yet), but they could quickly be in trouble if they lose tomorrow’s home game.

As a final reminder, the Bruins have a 2-1 series lead.

We can’t wait for Nylander’s return. At least, that’s what people in the Queen City must be thinking…

Because without him, the Leafs’ attack doesn’t seem to be as effective.

In gusto

– Great news!

– The challenge doesn’t look easy.

– This is why we love sports!

– His MLB debut didn’t speak for itself.

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