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Vikings’ first pick gets a call from Wayne Gretzky after being drafted
Credit: Instagram @haileybieber

It’s rare that we talk to you about football here, but this story deserves a lot of attention. Thursday night was the first round of the NFL draft, and several quarterbacks were selected. The Minnesota Vikings drafted J.J. McCarthy with the 10th overall pick.

During an interview later in the evening, McCarthy seemed to be disturbed. He was getting a call on his phone, except it wasn’t from just anyone.

He got a call from Wayne Gretzky! The hockey legend probably wanted to congratulate him on being selected by the Vikings.

The craziest part is that McCarthy didn’t even seem shocked. He didn’t respond, as he probably didn’t want to disturb the interviewer.

The quarterback then found the right words to endear himself to Minnesota Wild fans.

“Oh wow, it’s Wayne Gretzky. I’m sorry…I’m a real hockey guy and I’m going to the state of hockey.” – J.J. McCarthy

Although he was unable to take the call during his press conference, McCarthy had the honor of having flowers thrown at him by Wayne Gretzky live on TNT.

McCarthy took the time to explain to reporters why Gretzky has his phone number. In fact, number 99 and his marketing agent are good friends and have known each other for a long time.

The quarterback also revealed that Gretzky called him when he won the National Championship with Michigan in January. The two spoke via FaceTime.

McCarthy may have chosen football for his professional career, but he confessed that he’s always loved hockey. According to him, hockey was his first love, having started playing at the age of five.

Hockey has helped him perfect certain aspects of his football game, including physical play.

With so much love for hockey, don’t be surprised if McCarthy makes a surprise appearance at one of the Minnesota Wild’s games during the upcoming season.

In brief

– The battle of the goalies will continue next season.

– No good news for Demko.

– A first game since the start of the playoffs for Samuel Girard.

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