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“In 2021, Carey Price didn’t have a great series”.
Credit: (Photo by Vitor Munhoz/NHLI via Getty Images)
Would you like a laugh?

According to Olivier Primeau, who is increasingly involved in the world of sports betting, Carey Price didn’t have a big series in 2021, the year of the final.

That’s what he told Le Playbook podcast, supported by BPM Sports.

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Basically, in the excerpt shared by Steven Levac, there’s no mention in connection with Price. It’s sold as an excerpt about the Maple Leafs and the 2024 series.

But eventually, the subject shifts a bit.

As you can see, most of the comments on social networks following this short clip are not exactly about the Maple Leafs, but about Price.

There are also comments suggesting that Olivier Primeau should “stick to poutine reviews “.

Still in the comments of the same video, the main interested party defended himself by saying the following: Stop crying over Price … he was nullllllllll in the final.

But that doesn’t change anything, because in the video, he said what he said. And what he said was wrong.

You can watch highlights to remember them, but those who have actually seen the series will remember that Price won three rounds almost single-handedly, in 2021.

It’s true that Price didn’t make the difference in the final, we all agree on that. But to say that he didn’t have a great series is clearly just a reaction.

Mission accomplished, in any case.

In a future episode of the podcast, I imagine Primeau will explain that Phillip Danault was useless during those same series, having scored just one goal.

In a gust

– Ouch.

– Well said.

– Tough break.

– Logical.

– Bruins coach makes excuses?

– Still!

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