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Toronto Blue Jays: concession prices are absurd
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

If there’s one topic of discussion that gets people talking in the sports world, it’s the price of concessions.

You already have to pay a few hundred dollars to take part in a professional sporting event, but when you want a snack or a drink, the prices are outrageous.

In Montreal, at the Bell Centre, it’s not uncommon to bemoan the price of beer. Nearly $20 including tip for a Coors Light… that’s a lot, indeed. But as the saying goes: when you compare, you take comfort.

Concession prices for a Blue Jays game in Toronto are even more absurd.

You pay $30 for a big hot dog and a beverage with a souvenir glass:

And what’s more, this hot dog doesn’t come with fries.

Good thing there’s a souvenir Jays glass for fans to take home…

And here, we haven’t even mentioned the $30 three-piece chicken tenders line, too, which comes with a handful of fries.

And for the modest sum of $27, baseball fans can indulge in a two-taco combo plus beverage, again with souvenir cup.

It’s fair to say that prices at the Bell Centre aren’t all that bad.

In fact, the price of beer is even more expensive than the $16.50 charged at the Centre Bell.

No less than $17.59 plus tax for a beer on tap… That’s big.

And for a bottle of water: only $6 before tax, for an excellent Dasani!



– Imagine the repercussions if the Habs had made a public statement like this.

– Quite a check from Matt Dumba on giant Kevin Stenlund (6 feet 5 inches).

– It didn’t take long.

– It’s the first match of the clash between the two Lindgren brothers (Charlie and Ryan).

– Good news for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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