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Tobie Paquette-Bisson’s comments did not please management
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The Rocket needed to win both Friday and Saturday in regulation time against the Belleville Senators to have any chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

Jean-François Houle’s team lost on Friday, putting an end to their chances of taking part in the spring dance.

That said, Houle decided to put his faith in a young defensive brigade on Friday night, and his choices didn’t please one of the team’s veterans.

I say this because after Friday’s game, Tobie Bisson said that the presence of veterans could have helped the cause.

He shared his displeasure…

And we let him know it wasn’t happening, because he got slapped on the wrist, as Anthony Marcotte reported on X / Twitter:

Tobie Paquette-Bisson got a slap on the wrist for speaking his mind about the decision to cut some veterans on Friday. – Anthony Marcotte

The Habs are developing right now, and they want to see their young players get a chance to shine.

On the other hand…

The Rocket was in the thick of the playoff race and for a veteran like Bisson, it’s normal to be upset.

The guy works his butt off for his team and wants to win. He wanted the best chance of going through to the next round because he’s a veteran of the club.

Can you really blame him?

The American League is always going to be weird because the success of the school clubs is important… But on the other hand, the popular idea is to develop the organization’s young talent so that they’ll be able to help the big club at some point.

That said, it’s understandable for a veteran to be angry and not like the coaches’ decision.

It comes with the game…

For better or for worse.

In gusto

– A guy loved in Montreal.

– Oh!

– Whew.

– Oh, no…

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