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The Sharks no longer want Mike Hoffman

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The Sharks no longer want Mike Hoffman
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Last summer, Mike Hoffman ended up in San Jose.

How did his first season with the Sharks go?

Not well. Very bad.

We know that Mike Hoffman is an offensive player… And that he doesn’t have much impact on the ice if he doesn’t put it in.

That said, the forward collected 10 goals and 13 assists this season in a Sharks uniform, a disappointing production for a guy who earns $4.5M per season.

His contract expires this summer, but don’t expect to see him play another game in the Sharks’ turquoise uniform next year.

The veteran, who will celebrate his 35th birthday in November, is no longer part of Sharks GM Mike Grier’s plans:

The Sharks are rebuilding and want to start fresh.

That said, they’ll need veterans to mentor their youngsters, and management obviously doesn’t think Mike Hoffman can be one of them.

This is so surprising… #Not

Mike Hoffman is at the end of his career and will have to work hard to secure a new contract.

He’ll have to find a way to be useful to a club on the ice… But if he has no energy left in the tank and can’t score like he used to, it’s going to be tough.

At 34 (soon to be 35), would playing in Europe appeal to him?

If it doesn’t work out in the NHL and he wants to continue his career, he’s going to get a ton of offers…

It remains to be seen what the future holds for him. I could see him maybe – and I mean maybe – signing a PTO somewhere early next season… But even then.

I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

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