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The Hurricanes didn’t even give the Islanders’ auxiliary goalie a chair
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Yesterday was my father’s birthday and the start of the National Hockey League playoffs, with the first game of the series between the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Islanders starting at 5pm.

In the second game of the day at around 8pm, the Bruins humiliated the Leafs.

Getting back to the Hurricanes vs. Islanders game, well, it was a close game, less spectacular than, say, the series between the Winnipeg Jets and Colorado Avalanche tonight.

Of course, it wasn’t a bad game, but we knew very well that it wouldn’t be the most exciting and highest-scoring series, given that these are two fairly defensive teams.

Despite this, we were treated to a very funny scene, and it didn’t even take place on the ice.

What caused a stir on social networks and during the game was the fact that New York Islanders auxiliary goaltender Ilya Sorokin didn’t even have a chair to sit on.

This is no joke, I’ll let you see for yourself.

So we see Sorokin standing along the picture window, watching the game without being able to sit down during the periods.

We laugh about it, but frankly, it’s neither proper nor fair play for the Hurricanes to let the opposing team’s auxiliary goalie dry up on his feet.

I understand that we’re in the playoffs and we don’t want to help our opponents in any way, but there are limits.

A simple chair is the least we can do.

Imagine if Sorokin had had to enter the game for any reason…

His legs would clearly have been a bit tired from standing in place (with all his equipment no less!) for so long.

That would have been a sporting disadvantage for the Islanders.

In short, Sorokin couldn’t have been too happy about being an auxiliary goalie for the first game of the playoffs, but he had to watch the whole game standing up.

It will be interesting to see whether Patrick Roy will go with Semyon Varlamov for game two of the series, or whether he’ll trust Sorokin.

There’s a big debate on the Islanders’ side as to which goalie should be the starter.

Stay tuned.

Do you think Sorokin (or Varlamov) will bring his own chair to game two?

That would be incredible.

In a flurry

– The Leafs have never led against the Bruins this season.

– Love this.

– A real luxury to have two trusted goalies.

– Who would you most like to see win their first Stanley Cup?

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– Obviously.

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