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Macklin Celebrini at the Bell Centre Tuesday night
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Macklin Celebrini is – clearly – the top prospect for the upcoming draft.

The young man broke all records in his first NCAA season… when he collected 64 points in 38 games as a freshman.

We’re talking about a complete player, because he amassed 32 goals and as many assists this season.

Celebrini played alongside Lane Hutson this season at Boston University and was in Montreal this week.

He wasn’t there to visit the Habs’ facilities… but rather to cheer on his boyfriend, who was playing his first game in front of Montreal fans at the Bell Centre :

In all, there were 16 Terrier players in a Bell Centre box. Macklin Celebrini, the future first-rounder in the 2024 draft, was also there. – Jean-François Chaumont

As Jean-François Chaumont mentioned in his article, no less than 16 BU players were at the game Tuesday night in Montreal to support Lane Hutson.

Do you know what that means?

It means that Lane Hutson was a very, very popular player in the locker room when he played in the NCAA.

His teammates made the trip to support him, and it’s great to see. Macklin Celibrini probably has other fish to fry, because we’re two months away from the draft… But the guys were there for him at an important time in his career, and it shows what a good guy Lane Hutson is in a hockey room.

He wasn’t wearing an “A” on his jersey for nothing this season, after all.

If Lane Hutson can play the same role in Montreal in a few years’ time, everyone will be happy.

We know how talented he is on the ice… But seeing that he’s a “boys’ man” must make the Montreal organization smile in a way.

It fits in with the new culture they’re trying to install in the city, at least.

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