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Juraj Slafkovsky’s stock has risen at NHL 24
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
We all know it: Juraj Slafkovsky had a great season with the Habs.

He was a bit slow at the beginning of the campaign…

But he quickly became an important cog in Martin St-Louis’ formation when he was placed on the team’s first line, alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

Slaf has really improved this year (like, really) and the NHL 24 game has taken note.

Remember that overall player ratings are updated according to performance…

That said, the young man’s rating has risen from 82 to 84, for fans of the video game :

All in all, it’s a nice token of appreciation, because even the game’s developers saw just how much better a hockey player Slafkovsky is as of today.

It must be special, too, for a player to see his personal rating rise in a game like this.

And it means Slaf is doing the right things on the ice, after all.

We’ve seen the young man’s improvement and the speed at which he’s progressing on the ice.

That said, if Slafkovsky keeps putting points on the board and continues to be this productive, he may one day dream of a rating above 90 in the NHL video game…

Which is usually reserved for the best NHL players.

Does he have what it takes to get there?

What’s certain, for now, is that the Habs team must be cooler to use in NHL, with Slafkovsky’s rating now better than before. Hehe.

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