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Alex Meruelo: “I don’t like the media”.
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This week, there’s been a lot of talk about the Coyotes.

After all, we learned that the organization was finally going to be relocated to Salt Lake City

This news was eagerly awaited by all NHL fans, because the situation was ridiculous in the desert .

Alex Meruelo, the Coyotes’ former owner, addressed the media today, and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman was at his side.

It didn’t go the way Bettman would have liked, because he had to interrupt Meruelo a few times during his press conference.

For example?

Meruelo said he didn’t like the media “criticizing” the Coyotes and their plan to build a new amphitheatre… And Bettman had no choice but to intervene to bring Meruelo back to order.

You can see the confusion in Gary Bettman’s face:

Seriously, man…

We’re talking about the guy who owned the Coyotes and wouldn’t even show up for the team’s last game in Arizona.

Next, we’re talking about the possibility of an NHL club returning to Arizona, and it would be Meruelo in charge? Come on.

Being Gary Bettman or the NHL, the decision would be easy.

Didn’t you want to be there at your own organization’s last game, after you went through the cash for the sale of the club?

It just goes to show how poorly managed the Coyotes were, and how the league had a choice to make.

Alex Muruelo talks like a guy who doesn’t give a damn. He talks like a guy who just won the jackpot, and doesn’t care what he did in Arizona or what happens to the organization’s employees.

A nice character, as the other guy would say…

But I hope the league pulls up its socks and tells him he’s got no business running a hockey team, no matter how deep his pockets.

It may be about money at the end of the day… But Gary Bettman needs to focus on improving the league’s image, not the other way around.

In a row

– Here it is.

– Makes sense.

– Great news.

– Still!

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