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Kent Hughes won’t buy out a contract this summer
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The Canadiens’ season is officially over.

Habs executives (especially Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton) will have to focus on what’s coming up in the next few weeks… namely, the draft and the opening of the free agent market.

Because, yes, a lot is going to happen between now and the start of the Habs’ next season.

Summer also means contract buyouts.

The various NHL clubs often take advantage of this to buy out the contract of a guy who’s no longer producing because he’s too expensive… And even though this can affect the payroll in terms of penalties, sometimes clubs have no choice.

In Montreal, we’ve been talking about the idea for the past few months, and there are some logical candidates who might come to mind.

Brendan Gallagher and his $6.5 M contract until the end of the 26-27 season…

Josh Anderson and his $5.5M contract until the end of the 26-27 season…

Joel Armia and his $3.4M contract until the end of next season (24-25)…

And we’ve even talked about Christian Dvorak and his $4.45 M contract until the end of next season (24-25).

That said, don’t expect a contract buyout this summer in Montreal. Kent Hughes told the media today that he simply had no intention of doing so:

Remember that the impact of the Karl Alzner buyout will fade from the Habs’ books this summer, and that a salary retention spot will open up with the end of Joel Edmundson’s contract.

That said… The idea of buying out a contract this summer doesn’t necessarily make sense, because the Habs don’t really need any space on the payroll in the short term .

In any case, Brendan Gallagher and Joel Armia have been playing great hockey for a number of games now, and have proven that they still have some to give to an NHL club.

The same can’t necessarily be said of Anderson… But it’s not as if the forward is too old to relaunch. If Andy can find a way to be as useful to the Habs as he was during the playoffs in 2021, Kent Hughes will be happy. He’s only 29, after all…

For D-vo, we’re talking about a guy who doesn’t produce much offensively and who missed a big chunk of the season, but he can be used in all sorts of ways (even if it’s not ideal) because he’s responsible in the face-off circle.

Especially since his contract expires next year, as does Armia’s.

If the Habs were ready to win and willing to spend big cash on the free agent market, the story would probably be different.

But the club simply hasn’t reached that point yet in its rebuilding.

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