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Josh Anderson’s season of misery: “I have no excuses”.
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Josh Anderson got away with it this season. Why would he do that? We don’t know.

He wasn’t injured enough to miss many games, but he never managed to make a difference on the ice. He was probably the player who most disappointed Canadiens fans this season… and we’re not sure why.

During his end-of-season media debriefing, the man himself said he wasn’t looking for excuses: he knows he didn’t play well this year. No need to draw him a picture.

Anderson wants to take advantage of the off-season to establish what made this season so bad for him.

His slumps were numerous (and they weren’t exactly short-lived) and his record of 20 points in 78 games, including just nine goals, didn’t make anyone happy.

His goal? Obviously, you won’t be surprised to learn that it’s to get back to being the player he used to be.

He feels he owes it to the Canadiens in general and to Martin St-Louis, who has never lost faith in him. It’s true that he never criticized #17 at his press conferences.

Of course, we know that Montreal is where it’s at next year. Salary restraint or not, there’s no way a club is going to want his $5.5 million-a-year contract for another three years.

And since the GM doesn’t want to buy anyone out, that closes the door on debate.

He’ll have to find a way to draw inspiration from Brendan Gallagher (I never thought I’d say that a few months ago, but hey), a player who didn’t give the Habs a run for their money, but did better this season.

That would be a good start.

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