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Chris Wideman denies announcing his retirement
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
On this day of reckoning for the Canadiens, several players talk to media representatives.

One of them? Chris Wideman, who didn’t play all season for the Habs. He was injured and didn’t even come close to returning to play for the Flannel in 2023-2024.

Yesterday, he gave Simon-Olivier Lorange a lengthy interview on the subject. The La Presse journalist reported that the player was retired.

We also learned, in the same interview, that the defenseman wanted a position in Montreal. We don’t know what yet (in the offices or in development?), but he loves the Habs.

We thought the file was closed, but…

But this morning, in an interview with reporters, he denied having announced his retirement. He said that some people had jumped to conclusions and that he hadn’t announced anything.

He is continuing to get back into shape with a view to returning to the game.

What’s surprising is that Simon-Olivier Lorange’s text from yesterday is quite clear: Wideman is not capable of returning to the game and he has accepted this reality. It’s explained several times.

The two theories: the defender is part of the misquoted club… or he regrets what he said.

One might think that a player officially under contract with an NHL club, for insurance reasons, can’t say he’s retired in a concrete way.

Is it damage control to say that he’s still getting back into shape to return to the game? Perhaps, yes.

After all, can a guy in his condition (he said he could hardly hold his child in his arms without some degree of pain) really come back and play hockey?

He may want to, but…

Breaking news

– Good news.

– Everyone in the same car, in Montreal.

– The Habs have gold at the blue line. [TVAS]

– Really?

– No pressure, Nick.

– That’s good.

– Yup.

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