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Logan Mailloux, Cayden Primeau and Lane Hutson in uniform tonight
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Tonight, the Canadiens play their final game of the season.

The Detroit Red Wings will be at the Bell Centre for the occasion.

We had our suspicions that Logan Mailloux would be in uniform because he was recalled yesterday… But now it’s been confirmed.

Mailloux will play, as will Lane Hutson.

On defense, Mailloux and Struble will make their debuts in Martin St-Louis’ line-up…

Johnathan Kovacevic and Jordan Harris will be left out.

Cayden Primeau will start in front of the Habs cage:

Tonight’s game is going to be really hot to watch for all Habs fans.


Because we’ll get to see some of the organization’s top prospects in action in the National League.

Make way for the next generation, as they say…

It’s also worth noting that we’re likely to see Carey Price at the Bell Centre becausehe’s in Montreal with his family at the moment.

Two years ago, the Habs demolished the Panthers with a 10-goal performance at the Bell Centre in the final game of the season.

Can we expect the same spectacle tonight?

In my opinion, the answer is no, because the Red Wings have a playoff spot up for grabs, and they absolutely must win…


The boys gave Lane Hutson a warm welcome yesterday.

They did everything to make him feel appreciated within the group… And I imagine the players will do the same with Logan Mailloux.

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