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Coyotes stop using Twitter just days before inevitable move
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The Arizona Coyotes are in a bad way, as we all know.

It’s a shame for the fans, but right now, we know that the future of the franchise is no longer in Arizona. It’s probably a matter of days before the club announces that the next step will take place in Salt Lake City.

The NHL wants to make the announcement before the playoffs, ideally.

Of course, of necessity, questions arise. The matter is still nebulous in some respects, and fans hoping for Arizona have run out of resources.

To what extent? To the point where even the team’s social network managers have already lost their jobs, having been told not to post anything on the team’s social networks.

On Twitter, the club didn’t talk about yesterday’s game, even though the players scored five goals. The last thing you can see is the team’s publication to say that the club had nothing to announce about the move yet.

That said, the club bio is still ” Hockey Belongs in Arizona. #YotesForever” at the time of writing.

On Facebook, one of the posts integrated at the top of the club’s page is the one in which the organization presented its project for a new arena to remain in Phoenix for the long term.

That was 11 days ago.

We mustn’t forget that the players are in a state of uncertainty. I don’t know, for one thing, if they want to move to Salt Lake City, Utah, but hey: they don’t have a choice either.

After all, even if the club potentially comes back in five years (the owner would have an expansion club if he can build an arena), it doesn’t change the fact that right now, the club is moving.

We can’t wait to hear the answers we’re likely to get in the next few days. After all, it will stop the wave of uncertainty that currently surrounds the Coyotes organization.

Will they resume their slobbering club rhythm once they’re settled in Salt Lake City?


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