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Luke Tuch expected to decide today whether to accept Habs offer
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The news that Montreal Canadiens fans have been waiting a long time for was finally announced this week (Friday afternoon to be precise).

Defenseman Lane Hutson signed his National Hockey League entry-level contract with the Habs.

After two dominant seasons in the NCAA, Hutson finally joins the Habs to finish out the current season.

He is expected to play at least Tuesday’s game against the Detroit Red Wings to burn a year off his three-year entry-level contract.

In short, Hutson is finally a member of the Habs.

His progress in the NCAA playoffs and Frozen Four was closely watched, and while we wished Hutson the best, many wanted to see Boston University lose in the semi-finals so that Hutson would come to the Habs sooner.

What’s forgotten, however, is that BU’s loss also ended the season of another Habs prospect, Luke Tuch.

And in Tuch’s case, there’s been no announcement of a contract signing since his elimination on Friday.

Last night, reputable whistleblower Elliotte Friedman gave an update on the matter, first explaining that the Habs had indeed made a contract offer to Tuch.

Friedman then added that the ball is now in Tuch’s court, as he is expected to make his decision today on whether or not to sign with the Habs.

If he decides not to accept the Habs’ contract, he will become a free agent on August 15, and will be eligible to receive offers from any NHL team.

Why is Tuch reluctant to sign with the Tricolore?

Well, according to Marco D’Amico, the problem isn’t signing the contract per se, but when the contract will begin.

If D’Amico is to be believed, Luke Tuch’s clan would prefer to sign an NHL contract and burn a contract year by playing one game this season, just like Lane Hutson.

The Habs would prefer to offer an amateur tryout with the Laval Rocket to conclude the season and then sign him to an NHL entry-level contract, starting next season.

Both parties are understandable.

So it remains to be seen who will bow out first, or whether both sides will hold out, and Tuch will become a free agent on August 15.

We should know Tuch’s decision in the next few hours.

Obviously, losing Luke Tuch to nothing would be a shame, but at the same time, it really wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Tuch, drafted in the second round (47ᵉ overall) in 2020, hasn’t had a stellar college career, when he didn’t even collect at least one point per game in his best NCAA season (10-20-30 in 39 games this season).

It should be noted that Tuch is a prospect drafted by former management, just like Jan Mysak (48ᵉ the same year), who was traded at the trade deadline to the Anaheim Ducks in return for Jacob Perreault.

Still, 22-year-old Tuch is a 6-foot-2, 203-pound power forward who could very well be a nice addition to a third or fourth line for the Habs.

In short, this is an issue that we’ll be keeping a close eye on in the coming hours.

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