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Geoff Molson won’t let any team talk to Jeff Gorton
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About two months ago, when Jarmo Kekalainen lost his position as General Manager of the Columbus Blue Jackets, a number of rumours emerged surrounding a potential replacement.

One of the strongest rumors was that linking Montreal Canadiens executive vice-president of hockey operations Jeff Gorton to the Blue Jackets.

It’s a potential scenario, which obviously worried Habs fans, as Gorton has been doing a great job since his arrival.

In fact, Darren Dreger himself had said that he didn’t think the Tricolore would be happy with the Blue Jackets talking to Jeff Gorton.

So, the rumors about Jeff Gorton were in full swing, as his departure from the Habs was being considered around the league.

Now, however, Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson has put those rumours to rest, stating in an interview with TVA Sports’ Renaud Lavoie that he never received a call from the Blue Jackets.

Indeed, Molson, like everyone else, had read the rumours surrounding Gorton, but never received a call from Columbus.

And in any case, even if he did, Molson was clear that there’s no way he’d let the Blue Jackets talk to Gorton.

“The chances of me allowing the Blue Jackets to talk to him are zero.” – Geoff Molson

The implication of this answer is that the chances would also be zero no matter which team called Molson about Gorton.

Any team would have to go through the owner to talk to a member of the organization, so we can expect Gorton to remain with the Habs for the time being.

The Habs’ executive vice-president of hockey operations loves his job and had already debunked the rumor that he was bored and wanted to go back to being general manager of an NHL team.

To find out more, you can read Renaud Lavoie’s article here, where we also learn that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton were surprised to learn that the draft would no longer be held face-to-face after this year.

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