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OFFICIAL: Coyotes to move to Salt Lake City next year
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Two days ago, my colleague Marc-Olivier Cook told you that the chances of the Coyotes moving to Salt Lake City were good.

Now, on Friday evening, it’s been confirmed by several sources.

As early as 2024-2025, the Coyotes will be moving to their new city. (Finally) the saga of the Coyotes in Arizona is over. The players have been informed.

The guys who won’t be making the playoffs will have plenty of time to find homes in their new city before the start of the next training camp.

Elliotte Friedman even added that the players will head to Utah after Wednesday’s game to familiarize themselves with their future surroundings and the team’s facilities.

The Coyotes’ last game at Mullett Arena will be on April 17 against the Edmonton Oilers.

The atmosphere in the arena is sure to be wild and emotional. The 40 spectators will be very sad.

Big changes to come, then, but as of next year, there will officially be no team in Arizona.

Can anyone tell me if Gary Bettman is okay?

With Salt Lake City out of the equation for possible expansion, Houston and Atlanta are still in the mix for a 33rd and 34th team. There’s also Quebec City, but…

In any case, this relocation will be a breath of fresh air for the team’s fans in Arizona and the new ones in Salt Lake City. The new owner is going to be hard at work to get this team back on the right track.

Expect Ryan Smith (the new boss) to be very aggressive. That’s what Elliotte Friedman said on the latest 32 thoughts.

In response to his post, NHL Watcher mentioned Steven Stamkos by name.

Honestly, it’s far from the craziest idea. Arizona Utah will want to win sooner rather than later, and the Lightning captain will become a free agent on July 1. Starting a new marketing campaign in a state not necessarily familiar with the sport with one of the best goal scorers of his generation would be perfect.

It remains to be seen whether the Coyotes will change their name. This is the first move since the Thrashers moved from Atlanta to Winnipeg in 2011.

In Brief

– A hockey team in 2024 is expensive…

– Cap Friendly needs to adjust.

– He’s motivated by the news.

– Well done.

– Yikes.

– A real one.

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