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Oliver Kapanen: his first contract with the Canadiens is waiting for him
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When we talk about a prospect who could sign a contract soon with the Canadiens, we’re talking about Lane Hutson. Or maybe Luke Tuch or Adam Engstrom.

But Oliver Kapanen? Not necessarily.

However, according to Patrik Bexell, who covers the activities of the Habs’ prospects in Europe, we can expect this to happen after his season in Finland.

Does this mean he’ll be going straight to Laval next year? Not so fast.

In fact, according to Bexell, the club would like to work on a loan from the Canadiens that would allow the prospect to stay in KalPa for the 2024-2025 season. That way, he wouldn’t have to go to Laval, which will have several forwards on hand.

Is this ideal? I don’t know. After all, as Simon Boisvert sometimes says, sending a prospect to Europe can delay his development, since the style of play and rink dimensions aren’t the same.

But hey. Right now, that would be the plan with Kapanen, who has 34 points in 51 games this season and 14 points in 10 playoff games.

Note that in all this, his European club has also offered him a new contract for next year. This means that if Kapanen, a second-round pick in 2021, doesn’t make the club in Montreal in 2024-2025, he’ll have to return to Europe instead of Laval.

That’s easier than convincing the Habs to loan him out.

Anthony Marcotte expects the youngster to take part in the Canadiens’ camp next fall, but to return to Europe afterwards. After that, Laval in 2025-2026 would be on the table.

Remember, it’s already been three years since he was drafted.

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