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NHL schedule includes Salt Lake City in 2024-2025
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The Arizona Coyotes situation is becoming increasingly nebulous. After all, time is running out to save the franchise’s future in Arizona.

On June 27, there will be an auction in Arizona for the rights to a piece of land that would be perfect for building an arena. But if the Coyotes don’t win the auction in Scottsdale (which is possible because the file isn’t necessarily going well)… it could be the end.

In fact, things are so bad that even Scottsdale’s mayor doesn’t want anything to do with the Coyotes.

It’s doubtful the Coyotes will ever move. And if they do, it’s likely that Salt Lake City will inherit the team.

And it looks like it could happen sooner than we thought.

According to hockey insider Frank Seravalli, the NHL is currently working on two versions of a schedule for the 2024-2025 season.

One includes the Coyotes in Arizona and the other includes the Coyotes in Salt Lake City.

In fact, the Coyotes owner is working on an arena in Arizona, but in parallel, he’s also evaluating the possibility of the Coyotes being sold in the next few days.

How quickly could this happen?

A sale and relocation announcement could come on April 18. – Frank Seravalli

There is a scenario in which the Coyotes would sell their club to Ryan Smith for $1.2 billion. This would include the sale of the club, but also a relocation fee that would go to the other owners in the league.

Remember that recently, Ryan Smith was wondering what the name of a club in Salt Lake City might be.

Let’s also remember that Ryan Smith had done Gary Bettman a favor a few months ago by publicly mentioning his interest in a club on the day it was announced that several players from the 2018 edition of Junior Team Canada were officially in trouble.

Meanwhile, in Quebec City…

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