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Kent Hughes doesn’t see the problem in going after his former customers
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It’s been just over two years since Kent Hughes took over as GM of the Canadiens. Since his arrival, he has been quite active, making no fewer than 16 transactions and claiming three players in the waivers.

There are also players signed on the independent market, but all in all, he’s been fairly active since his arrival.

That said, om is starting to notice certain trends in the Tricolore GM: he’s willing to wait for his price in a transaction, he likes to collect players drafted in the first round and he tends to look to his former clients when he was an agent.

I’m not saying these things are good or bad: they’re simply trends we can observe.

As for the latter trend, some people don’t necessarily like to see Hughes looking to his former clients… but in an interview with Frank Seravalli, Hughes said he doesn’t really see the problem with it.

Let’s not forget that since taking office, Hughes has signed four players he represented as an agent: Mike Matheson, Alex Newhook, Anthony Richard and Colin White. That said, for the GM, familiarity with the players is an asset, not a disadvantage.

Unlike other players, he’s had the chance to see them in action time and time again. So he has a good idea of what he’s getting when he gets his hands on these guys.

White wasn’t exactly the steal of the century (he’s mostly in town to fill a sweater, that said), but as for the other three, we’re still talking about players who helped the Habs. Matheson is establishing his reputation as one of the best offensive defensemen on the circuit, Newhook is part of the team’s future core and Richard has done well in a depth role.

If these acquisitions consistently went sour, it might be more problematic… but for now, he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Of course, that doesn’t mean he has to have blinders on, but the strategy is paying off for the Habs more than it’s hurting right now.

And who knows, maybe without Hughes, Jordan Harris (who knew Hughes well) and Jayden Struble (whose NCAA “advisor” Hughes was) wouldn’t have signed in Montreal. That’s worth something, too.

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