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30 points in 32 games: Lafrenière plays like a first choice overall
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Sometimes it takes time for a young player to blossom in the National League.

Guys develop differently, and we’re seeing that this season with Alexis Lafrenière.

In fact, we’ve been seeing it for 32 games, whereas the New York Rangers player has been performing up to expectations for some 30 games.

Much was expected of him in the Big Apple because, of course, he was selected with the very first overall pick in 2020.

Laffy had seasons of 21 points (56 games), 31 points (79 games) and 39 points (81 games) before starting the current campaign… But he’s having by far the best time of his career right now.

The Quebecer has 56 points this season, but has 16 goals and 30 points in his last 32 games. He’s looking more and more like a first choice:

Alexis Lafrenière is now established as an important player in the Rangers line-up.

Just like Juraj Slafkovsky in Montreal.

It’s an interesting parallel to draw between the two players because they’re both first-round picks… But also because last year, it was always the same question that came up when we talked about the two players.

“Who would you take in your club between Slaf and Laffy?”

Today, if we were to ask the question again, the answers would probably be unanimous… On both sides of the coin.

In New York, we love Alexis Lafrenière and in Montreal, we love Juraj Slafkovsky.

Laffy did well in the Rangers line-up… And Slaf did well on the team’s top line, alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield. So, the Habs and Rangers have found their man…

All in all, seeing the young Rangers player’s confidence soaring lately really makes you think he’s found his place in New York. He understands his role, he’s playing the right way and that’s allowing him to score, and he’s so confident that he’s allowing himself a little fantasy on the ice.

We saw this recently against the Habs:

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