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Bobby Ryan removed from podcast for comments on women’s sports
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Social networking is a very dangerous world these days, and you have to be VERY careful what you say.

Many people have said stupid things on social networks, and it’s cost them dearly in the end.

Talk about Bobby Ryan, who really let it slip earlier this week.

The former National Hockey League player made some pretty inappropriate comments on social networks (on Twitter/X to be precise) about women’s sports.

The former player of the Anaheim Ducks, Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings was obviously picked up for his comments.

He withdrew several of his tweets in which he denigrated women’s sports, but the damage had already been done.

Now we’ve learned that Bobby Ryan has been removed from the “Coming In Hot” podcast, in which he was a regular participant.

So the damage had already been done, as Bobby Ryan faces repercussions that go beyond messages and responses on social networks.

My colleague Félix Forget was completely right when he stated at the end of his text that this controversy would follow Boby Ryan and that it would clearly have repercussions.

The former NHL player has yet to comment on this separation with the podcast hosted by Brent Wallace and Jason Work.

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