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Players who play video games all night: a new threat to the NHL
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In recent weeks, the Stanley25 podcast has been the talk of the town. Maxime Truman and Jean Trudel have brought back to the forefront the aspect of talking about players off-ice.

We’re not talking about going into the players’ homes and looking at the interior design of the rooms: we’re talking about the players’ (public) outings around town.

Not everyone is interested, and that’s fine. However, it’s clear that a lot of people are. You can see it in our clicks.

What’s special, however, is that those who don’t want to get close to this issue will sometimes publicly speak out against it, but find other ways of talking about it.

That’s what we experienced at BPM Sports this morning.

On Maxime Lalonde and Gilbert Delorme’s morning show, the subject was discussed with Renaud Lavoie. Without ever naming Stanley25 or the podcast hosts, he talked about those who discuss players’ exits.

And let’s just say, the journalist had a lot to say.

On the subject of players being spied on, Renaud Lavoie mentioned that now, to avoid being seen, guys play video games more than before to stay in their rooms. They’re no longer in groups, and they stay up just as late, if not later, which is a problem.

So he wonders what’s better: going out and overshooting the curfew a bit, or going to bed in the wee hours of the morning after gaming alone in his room for too long.

I mentioned that some people were finding other ways to talk publicly about this issue, as we saw on the BPM Sports morning show.

What you notice, listening to the show, is that even if the speakers decry the way in which the guys’ lives are spread out, and even if Renaud Lavoie mentions that Cole Caufield has an exemplary and professional attitude, they still talked about what the Stanley25 guys are talking about.

In particular, Maxime Lalonde told those who don’t listen to Stanley25 that Caufield has a condo near the Palma and likes to go there once in a while.

Gilbert Delorme talked about the times when his team-mates would go out to Los Angeles and the next morning, the guys would give everything they had in training so it wouldn’t show.

Renaud Lavoie talked about the time Nathan Beaulieu went out for his party and his bosses were told.

It’s true that going out isn’t as intense as it used to be, when cell phones weren’t as important as they are today. But even so, Gilbert and Renaud did as the podcast they denounce does by telling stories of going out.

Is it better because these are stories from the past that don’t concern the club’s current players? Clearly, the Habs are less bothered when we don’t talk about the players currently wearing the Tricolore uniform.

Because in reality, what we heard on BPM Sports is in the same spirit as the Stanley25 podcast.

Afterwards, François Maranda imitated Éric Lapointe singing about Caufield’s nightlife. The morning show also made some headway on the subject at the commissioners’ office.

So BPM Sports created content with it, since people were interested in the subject. Because yes, even if it’s not for everyone, some people are interested anyway.

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