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Jonathan Drouin really hopes to sign a new contract with the Avalanche
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Even though he no longer plays for the Habs, Jonathan Drouin is still the talk of Montreal.

Why is that?

Because the forward found himself in Colorado, and because he’s having a superb season. We used to talk about him when things weren’t going so well… And we have to talk about him when things are going so well.

Drouin scored three points last night in an Avalanche victory. He now has 17 goals and 34 assists (51 points) in 73 games this season, and is probably the NHL’s best bargain if you look at offensive production alone.

After all… At $825,000, let’s just say he’s giving the Avalanche a lot.

The principal interested party will be as free as a bird this summer, and he spoke about his intentions on “The Drop” podcast, hosted by Arda Öcal and Greg Wyshynski.

What’s his goal? To return to Colorado next season (and beyond):

It might be difficult for Chris MacFarland to offer him a big contract, because this summer, the Avalanche will have many players to sign…

But all in all, the Quebecer has amply proven that he deserves a new pact, and that’s a credit to him.

He’s in the process of reinventing himself as a hockey player, and he’s shown a lot of fighting spirit to get there.

That’s one of the reasons he’s beennominated for the Bill Masterton Trophy .

It would be nice to see him back in Colorado next year, because he has great chemistry with Nathan MacKinnon. He has fun on the ice and that’s great to see.

Incidentally, MacKinnon is having his best season ever after being reunited with his old friend.

Is this a coincidence? The question must be asked…


– Yes!

– Ouch.

– Oh!

– Blue Jays win this afternoon against the Yankees.

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