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Habs must trade Joel Armia this summer, says JiC
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Joel Armia is a recently transformed player. He’s constantly on the scoresheet, yes, but it’s his efforts that are noteworthy. That’s what’s been missing, because with his talent, he belongs in the NHL.

He matched his personal best with his 16th goal of the season yesterday, with a two-goal performance. He complements Alex Newhook and Brendan Gallagher very well. What’s more, he does a colossal job on the power play.

In short, he’s been a complete forward since mid-season, earning him a nomination for the Bill Masterton Trophy.

Now, what to do with him in the off-season. TVA Sports host JiC thinks the best thing to do would be to try to trade him this summer.

He mentioned the other scenarios: keeping him and offering him a new contract, and trying to trade him at the trade deadline.

JiC doesn’t think keeping him and trying to trade him at the trade deadline is a good message to send to fans, since it means the “p” word won’t be used for next season. The host is also concerned about the Finn’s performance next year.

I disagree. Armia’s value won’t be at its peak this summer. Yes, he’s had a few good months, but the bet that he’ll continue to produce well next year is worth the candle.

With the last year of his contract up, and a salary deduction, his value could be more than attractive.

If the Habs fight for the playoffs, he could still be a nice addition to the team. He’ll never hurt you defensively and can be effective in his role. And if he wants to stay or come back to Montreal depending on the situation at the trade deadline, a short-term contract could also be considered.

There’s no rush to get rid of Armia. Patience could pay off for Kent Hughes.

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