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Luke Richardson had to hide Connor Bedard’s sticks
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Connor Bedard was selected first overall in the recent draft.

His talent is exceptional…

But his work ethic is probably what allows him to be so good, even though it’s only his first year in the National League.

The young man loves to train and spends his days on the ice.

It’s intense to the point where Luke Richardson has had to hide his sticks to allow him to rest. And it’s no joke!

ESPN’s Emily Kaplan wrote about it in a recent article:

Luke Richardson thought Bedard needed a rest, so he asked the equipment staff to hide his player’s sticks in the trainer’s room. – Emily Kaplan

Clearly, Connor Bedard is a passionate guy.

In life in general, it’s always more fun to work in a field you love… But Bedard seems to take that to the extreme.

And rightly so!

On the one hand, the Blackhawks’ decision is understandable, because they don’t want the young man to burn out. For example, seeing him train so hard and take so long to improve, must make Chicago’s management smile.

Bedard’s already good, and if he keeps training like he has for a long time, he’ll get even better.

I can’t wait to see him when he reaches his prime… Because at 18, he’s already doing some pretty special things in the best hockey league in the world.

That’s promising.

In a gaggle

– Congratulations!

– The Caps must find a way to win, or else…

– Big night ahead.

– Big day at work for the Canadian.

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