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Martin St-Louis challenged Martin McGuire at his press conference
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The Canadiens won’t be making the playoffs this year.

Eight games remain in the team’s season, including tonight’s game against the Lightning… But that doesn’t mean the games aren’t important.

They don’t really matter when you’re looking at the playoff standings, but they do when you’re thinking about the team’s collective progress.

That said, at his press briefing this morning, Martin St-Louis was told by Martin McGuire that it’s easier to score goals and win games when a team is already eliminated because there’s no pressure.

The coach didn’t like the journalist’s comments… and challenged him a little:

Who says that? You say you hear that… Who is it? – Martin St-Louis

The trainer goes on to say that victories are positive and that nothing is easy… And he also says that this is a “negative society”.

His comments can be found at the beginning of his press briefing:

Last week, the coach also refused to answer a question from Martin McGuire.

St-Louis was asked by the journalist if it was important to him to see healthy players participate in the World Championship… And the Habs pilot said before leaving abruptly that there are still games left in the season.

Is there any tension between the two men?

I like Martin St-Louis’ way of doing things, because he’s fair with everyone. On the other hand, the coach isn’t afraid to say what he thinks out loud, and I think that’s good for the organization’s culture…

Because it shows how proud he is of the team’s successes and how proud he is of his guys.

At least, the answer he gave Martin McGuire today is along those lines.


– Win or lose tonight?

– The Lightning is doing well these days.

– A fine lineup for the Penguins captain.

– I agree.

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