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Logan Mailloux’s agent is angry about the comments made against his client in Stanley25
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My colleague Maxime Truman and his partner Jean Trudel have just finished the first season of their Stanley25 podcast. We wrote about it earlier on the site.

The guys hosted Ced and Alex from HFTV.

But before the guests arrived, the two guys also chatted amongst themselves, as they often do. And among the (many) topics on the table was the Logan Mailloux file.

After telling the podcast that Logan Mailloux had been showing up late to practices and team meetings, Max Truman received an e-mail from Mailloux’s agent about the matter.

The gist of his message?

We were spreading slander and false information. – Maxime Truman

Basically, the agent didn’t like seeing the guys say things that were… true. He didn’t like seeing his client portrayed as a player who didn’t take his responsibilities seriously.

Max’s response? He told him that in episode #9 of the podcast, the guys set the record straight by saying that for some time now, Mailloux had been taking a stand and breaking his bad habits in this regard.

But more importantly, he told her that it was all known.

Max talks about the time Jean-François Houle mentioned it at a press conference. And I’d like to add this TVA Sports article on the subject, about three months ago. Soit was known.

The agent didn’t respond.

Did he know he was in the wrong and write to the guys just to scare them? Or did he simply not know and find out when he heard back from Stanley25? Who knows.


– Unbelievable.

– Juraj Slafkovsky ended his (regular) season and will miraculously be ready for Game 1 of the playoffs.

– Really?

– Interesting.

– Sean Couturier injured. It’s easier to leave him out, isn’t it?

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