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Draft: the Canadiens didn’t meet maverick Cole Eiserman
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Cole Eiserman is a name to remember over the coming months. Why? Because the Canadiens are likely to draft him.

Eiserman is a guy with an excellent shot. He’s a first-rate shooter, and he may have the best shot of anyone his age who could be drafted in 2024.

Craig Button wouldn’t hesitate to draft him, anyway.

At the moment, Eiserman is high on many lists. On Tankathon, for example, we see that Eiserman is fifth in the site’s mock draft and the Habs are sixth.

It’s going to take some losses – but not at any cost – to put themselves in a position to draft him.

But that doesn’t mean the Habs will go all out to draft him. After all, according to Anthony Martineau, the Habs have not, as of today, met with Eiserman.

A questionnaire has been submitted, but nothing more.

Does this mean that the Canadiens are sulking about the player and don’t want to know anything? No, that’s not necessarily what it means. After all, there’s still about three months to go before the draft.

Right-handed defenseman Zayne Parekh and forward Berkly Catton have been met, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily ahead of Cole Eiserman on the Habs’ list.

As a reminder, according to Stéphane Gonzalez, the Habs are interested in Tij Iginla. There are undoubtedly dozens of players on the radar of Jeff Gorton, Kent Hughes, Martin Lapointe, Nick Bobrov and the team’s scouts.

Stay tuned.


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