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Lane Hutson not a finalist for the Hobey Baker
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
Lane Hutson is clearly a name in the news today.

Firstly, he’s been in the news because he’s a polarizing figure in the hockey world. Secondly, he’s been in the news because he may see his next games broadcast on RDS.

But now he’s in the news because he’s not nominated for the Hobey Baker.

Jackson Blake (a Hurricanes prospect drafted in the fourth round in 2021), Macklin Celebrini (2024 prospect) and Cutter Gauthier (top Flyers Ducks prospect) are the finalists. The former plays in Dakota, while the other two play in Boston.

The Hobey Baker is awarded to the best player of the year in the NCAA.

This means that Lane Hutson is among the 10 best college players of the moment (he was among the 10 finalists), but he’s not in the top-3.

He therefore ranks between fourth and tenth.

Last year, Hutson was also ignored in the top-3. He was also selected in the top-10 (as was Sean Farrell), but didn’t make the top-3.

Last year’s winner was Adam Fantilli.


In 2021, Cole Caufield won the title. He had a superb second year in Wisconsin before heading to Montreal and moving within three wins of the Stanley Cup.

Hutson won’t be following in his footsteps.

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