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Jonathan Marchessault: An ideal player for Kirby Dach’s line-up
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You can see how far the Habs have come, if you compare the club’s performance with last season.

That’s what was important for the 23-24 campaign: the idea of participating in the playoffs is pleasant… But the primary objective, like last season, was to see the players improve individually and the team improve collectively.

Both goals were achieved, because the youngsters also took a step forward in their respective games.

The Habs are rebuilding and seem to be at the last bend in the road. This summer, Kent Hughes will have to work hard to improve his club for next season… which could give many a playoff berth next year.

On that subject, there’s a scenario in which the Habs dip into the free agent market to speed up the rebuild process. A bit like in New York, when the Rangers snapped up Artemi Panarin.

That said, when you think of the free agents available this summer, Jonathan Marchessault’s name quickly springs to mind for logical reasons… But you have to wonder if the Habs are really that far along in their rebuild.

To Maxim Lapierre (98,5 FM), on the other hand, it seems crystal clear:

I like Marchessault a lot, that’s for sure. The series he’s had, the season he’s having. I think he’s more the prototypical player. For me, the goal is to surround Kirby Dach. – Maxim Lapierre

Tony Marinaro, on TVA Sports, says the Habs need to talk to all the free agents before they try anything.

Clearly, the popular view around town… is that the Habs need to sign a player this summer to make them more competitive next season:

I agree with Maxim Lapierre’s comments because we thought Slaf would form a good duo with Dach.

But with what we’ve seen of the Slaf / Suzuki duo lately… Let’s just say I don’t expect them to be separated for a long time. And Dach needs a player who can push him to the top, like Marchessault has been doing with his teammates since he’s been in Vegas.

We’re talking about a guy with 40 goals this season…

The next few months are likely to be intense for Kent Hughes, and that automatically makes it interesting for the team’s fans.

After all, the Habs have assets to move at the draft, and Kent Hughes will have room to maneuver this summer.

Should we expect a home run?

The question arises, because the GM has shown in the past that he has more than one trick up his sleeve…


– The smiles are still there!

– Enjoy.

– Here’s hoping it’s not too serious.

– Can’t wait to see it!

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