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Nordiques: Gary Bettman and Éric Girard meet today
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

The Nordiques file continues to be the talk of the town. After all, even though Gary Bettman clearly wants nothing to do with the return of hockey to Quebec City, the government isn’t giving up.

This time, we learn that Finance Minister (and Nordiques) Éric Girard has an appointment with Gary Bettman in New York.

According to TVA Sports, a courtesy meeting is on the menu today, and the subject of the Nordiques’ return is likely to be on the agenda.

Éric Girard had postponed his last meeting with the NHL commissioner because of his schedule. But now he’s able to pick up where he left off.

Gary Bettman must be looking forward to it…

What’s worth noting is that when the Minister is in New York at the same time as Mr. Bettman, he tries to go and see him to remind him of Quebec City’s interest in having a team.

And today, he seems to have two objectives:

  • reassure investors after presenting a budget that is in deficit
  • Try to tip the balance in Quebec City’s favour.

We know that the NHL expansion process hasn’t officially begun yet, but it’s expected to. Two teams could be added – not counting a possible move by the Coyotes.

But in the East, Atlanta seems to have the edge.

There are a few meetings here and there between the NHL and the Quebec government, but it may not be enough to create momentum for a project that doesn’t interest the commissioner.

As long as the Minister doesn’t leave public funds for the right to meet Gary Bettman, that’s good enough. #KingsÀQuébec


– To be continued.

– Pierre-Luc Dubois because he’s younger and less expensive.

– Mitch Marner back in the playoffs against the Habs?

– Well done.

– He’s the face of a team that’s going to disappoint.

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